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Latest Company Case About Excellent service and products
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Excellent service and products

 Latest company case about Excellent service and products

I got these as a last minute idea to use while we were on vacation with the kids, but ended up using them for something completely different. When I go outside to do gardening and other yard work my children usually come with me and play or “help” for a while. Once the heat of the summer day gets to be too much though they end up back inside and I continue on with my work. But once In the house it feels like every few minutes they need my attention for something. So back outside they come leaving a trail of open doors behind them letting in every fly, beetle and creepy crawly as well as cooling off the entire neighborhood with our air conditioner. No matter how many times I say close the door behind you they still manage to forget. I started leaving them with one walkie talkie taking the other outside with me. Now when they need me for anything they can call me on the walkie talkie instead of coming outside and leaving the doors open. They get a kick out of it and the cool air stays in our house for me to enjoy when my work is done. The sound quality is clear and I have no problems understanding the kids. They are easy to use…only a few channels (which we don’t change once set) and not many buttons. The kids like the call button feature which makes the walkie talkie ring like a phone. We have not used them at any great distance so I am unable to speak to the range. For my family’s needs these work great.